The proposed off-leash dog parks in Orangeville may be appealing to dog owners in town, but not everyone is happy about it.

At a meeting that took place on Tuesday, May 25, residents near the proposed sites were busy asking questions and raising their worries about the parks, with issues discussed ranging from poop, parking, bites, and children’s safety.

For Stephanie Wilson, a resident of Diane Drive, an off-leash park shouldn’t be placed in close proximity to a residential area. She pointed out that more consultation and investigation needs to be done before pushing through.

After going through a list of parks owned by Orangeville, the town’s Leash-Free Dog Park Committee announced that Erindale Park, located at the corner of Dufferin Street and Erindale Avenue, and Brown’s Farm Park along Diane Drive, will be Orangeville’s proposed off-leash parks.

According to the committee, the two parks were chosen because they matched the qualifications of an ideal off-leash park. The criteria covers factors such as park size, light, parking space, and distance from children’s play areas.

With the committee getting an earful from residents living near the two sites, members have promised to go over other parks and see if any alternatives can be found before ultimately making a recommendation to council.

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