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Skate-a-Thon set to Raise Funds against Neuroblastoma by a Kid from Orangeville

Moved by the plight of Aidan Benoit, a 3 year old victim of a rare kind of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma, Makayla Pereira, felt she had to do something to keep Aidan’s memory alive and maybe even raise awareness against the disease that took him away at such an early age.

So, the then 10 year old from Orangeville decided to be at the frontline of the first Aidan’s walk that happened in downtown Brampton back in 2008. The event was able to raise $ 2,500 back then and this year, it raised $ 2,700. The proceeds of which all went to the James Birrell Foundation of the Sick Kids Hospital where it will be used for the fight against neuroblastoma.

For 2010, the event that Makayla started will be held on Januaray 3rd, Sunday. This time around, it will be a little more family-friendly with a 5km skate-a-thon to be held atBrampton’s Garge Park. The event will start off at 11 in the morning and everyone is encouraged to be on the venue a little bit earlier than that.

Pigeons to Mark the Finale of Orangeville’s Part in the Olympic Torch Relay

Just like in the beginning of the Olympics at Greece where pigeons where used to relay the outcome of the Olympic games from one country to another, pigeons will still take part in yet another Olympic event. This time around, the winged creatures will mark the end of the Olympic Torch’s passing in Orangeville on the 28th.

To make the event even more memorable, there everyone from the area – including residents and tourists from Hockley Valley – can expect a couple of hour’s worth of pure entertainment with performers dancing throughout the area. After which, two pairs of skydivers will then come out from the sky as 30 homing pigeons are released to commemorate the event’s finale.

The pigeons will come from Fred Byers together with his son-in-law. The birds themselves have had quite a bit of preparation to be able to participate in this event starting on the first days of this month. Byers, a bird breeder with almost 50 years of experience, has been honing the pigeons to fly to Kitchener.

So, with all these things coming down on us during the holidays, let’s all show our support for the community and enjoy ourselves!

A Christmas Story is a Must See in Orangeville for the Holidays

Theatre Orangeville’s special holiday presentation of the 1983 classic movie, A Christmas Story, is shaping up to be the theatre’s ultimate box office hit of all time with many of its scheduled performances from its opening on November 26, till it closes on December 20 of this year, being sold out days ahead of schedule. That’s right, time is indeed running out for those of you who have not seen the show yet, you better straighten up and grab a hold of those highly coveted seats the soonest.

This year’s rendition of the classic stars our very own, Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers (TOYS), together with other local acting talents like Christopher DuBois, Adam Bartley, Sam Grant, Alex Newell, Jayde Lavoie, Jacqueline Vandervaart, and Tyler Simpson are just some of the casts make up the cast of such a tremendous holiday hit.

The storyline of the show focuses on the Ralphie Parker, a 9 year old child in the 1940’s setting how only dreams of getting a hold of an authentic Red Rider BB gun as a Christmas present.  For more about the show, visit or call them to try and reserve a seat at 519-942-3423.

Hockley Valley Tree Farm is the Place for your Natural Christmas Trees

Christmas may be making its presence felt this month of December, but some people are still unsure on which kind of tree to get.

Most homeowners are usually stuck between making the choice of selecting natural or artificial trees. It’s quite understandable, each type of tree has its pros and cons after all.

For example, artificial trees are popular because their easily kept when not in use. Come the holidays, all it takes is some effort in setting it up and voila! You have a Christmas tree. However, statistics show that people hang on to these trees for only 3 to 5 years, dumping them after. Being made of plastic, it stays in the landfill for a long period of time.

Natural Christmas trees are undeniably more environmentally friendly. For every tree that is cut down to serve as your Christmas tree, another one takes its place. When you want to dispose of them, you can turn to some business that offer chipping and reduction services at a minimal cost.

Jane Blenkarn who works in the Hockley Valley Tree Farm explained that it usually takes about 6 to 12 years for a Christmas tree to grow nicely. The process however, is far from simple – it takes a lot of hard work and patience according to her.

So there you, hopefully that makes your Holiday dilemma easier for you to solve. Stay practical and smart, and you won’t go wrong.