Folks who come to watch Orangeville Music Theatre’s new production of Sweet Charity should to expect to enjoy some major laughs and a wonderful musical experience, this according to OMT’s co-director and choreographer, Roland Kirouac. He and his wife Sandra are the minds behind the show, and they’re both confident that people will have a grand time watching the musical.

Sweet Charity is based on Frederico Fellini’s film Nights of Cabiria. Reinterpreted by Neil Simon, it’s a musical play that tells the story and troubles of Charity, a dancer-for-hire at New York’s Fandango Ballroom. Charity tries to search for her one true love – the one who’ll sweep her off her feet and take her away from her tiring job.

Kirouac adds the play is a story about love, redemption, hope, and seeing life in positive light. And as with all musicals, Orangeville Music Theatre’s Sweet Charity is a marvelous showcase of song and dance.

But Kirouac says that it’s the comedic scenes that are sure to take the audience by storm.

Sweet Charity opens to the public  from the 11th until the 20th of June. Tickets are priced at only $23, and are available at the box office. Call 519-942-3423 for more information.

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