In today’s society, social networking sites are taking the world by storm. If you’re thinking of going on a sick leave and take a vacation to say, the picturesque Hockley Valley, then come back to share pictures of the awesome time you had on Facebook, think again.

Social Networking vs Your Next Hockley Valley Vacation

Take the example, of Nathalie Blanchard, 29, who hails from Quebec. She lost her disability coverage after her insurance company, Manulife, found vacation pictures on her Facebook account. When Nathalie—who’s been off work for over a year—failed to receive her monthly benefits, she immediately phoned the company for an explanation.

Manulife personnel explained that the vacation pictures on her Facebook profile suggested that she was no longer disabled. Blanchard tried to explain that the vacation was suggested as a curative by her physician. Blanchard has currently filed a lawsuit against her insurer, which is set to be heard in court on the 8th of December.

Nathalie Blanchard’s problem is just one of many horror stories that have to do with social networking sites and their connection with employers, insurance companies, and the legal system in general.

A case overseas involves a British worker who was fired for posting she was “bored” on her Facebook status message while working. Another more ironic incident has a Swiss insurance worker fired, this time for using Facebook at home after calling in sick.

Defense attorney Thomas Lavin comments “If the people who are using social networks are at all vulnerable in any areas of their life, they should be very careful about what they post because whatever they post is part of the public domain.”

In other words, be mindful of posting material on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Don’t ever think that nobody cares about what you’re posting or saying, and above all, remember that the internet never forgets so the next time you visit Hockley Valley, be mindful of who you share your experience with.

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