Just like in the beginning of the Olympics at Greece where pigeons where used to relay the outcome of the Olympic games from one country to another, pigeons will still take part in yet another Olympic event. This time around, the winged creatures will mark the end of the Olympic Torch’s passing in Orangeville on the 28th.

To make the event even more memorable, there everyone from the area – including residents and tourists from Hockley Valley – can expect a couple of hour’s worth of pure entertainment with performers dancing throughout the area. After which, two pairs of skydivers will then come out from the sky as 30 homing pigeons are released to commemorate the event’s finale.

The pigeons will come from Fred Byers together with his son-in-law. The birds themselves have had quite a bit of preparation to be able to participate in this event starting on the first days of this month. Byers, a bird breeder with almost 50 years of experience, has been honing the pigeons to fly to Kitchener.

So, with all these things coming down on us during the holidays, let’s all show our support for the community and enjoy ourselves!

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