The “King of the World” is at it again, this time winning a Golden Globe for Best Director, for his 3-D sci-fi blockbuster hit, “Avatar”. It was the second Globe in the Best Director category for Cameron, who scooped one for Titanic over a decade ago in 1997.

Avatar has virtually shattered almost all imaginable box-office records in less than two months, with only one film standing in its path to glory: Titanic.

The 55-year old director admitted to being astounded by the film’s success and even nervous at first because of the public’s reaction after seeing the trailer for the first time. Many blasted Avatar before the film even came out, calling the Na’vi (the alien race depicted in the film), “something off of a Smurfs episode”.

It’s worth noting that the successful director spent many of his childhood years in Caledon, which is just south of the Town of Mono. In fact, Cameron even named Titanic’s villain, Caledon Hockley, which unknown to many, is a reference to the town as well as Hockley Valley, a favorite destination in the Caledon and Mono region. Cameron at one point, admitted to having spent a lot of time here.

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