Al Pace, Hockley Valley’s own local potter is known for his beautiful creations, but did you know that he also moonlights as a tour guide? The potter, who is also an avid outdoorsman, likes to take tourists, Canadians and locals out to see the wilderness. He has so far done 18 canoe trips, bringing along different people of different ages up to the far north.

Hockley Valley's Local Potter & Tour Guide Al Pace

For this year, his business received a grant from the North West Territories government, enabling Pace to further expand his business, something he and his wife, Lin Ward, are very excited to do.

The couple, who own the Farmhouse Pottery studio, located on Hockley Road, first started out when they went on a trip to Yukon with their little boy, Taylor. Upon getting back, Mr. Pace decided to write about his trip on his studio newsletter which he sends to his regular clients. The response was enthusiastic.

They made a return trip to the north with family the following year, and again, Mr. Pace wrote of his experience on his newsletters. This time however, readers were not only enthusiastic, but were also interested in tagging along with them on future trips.

The family then decided to form an outdoor and adventure company, Canoe North Adventure, with the goal of organizing canoe trips for interested parties who want to explore the Great North.

Their first trip with a group of strangers was a massive success, and word soon began to spread of Mr. Pace’s canoe trips. The best part is that the company has different trips tailor made for people of different ages, ensuring that everybody has a great time.

So far, the Mr. Pace’s family business has flourished. They’ve taken some 700 people on 18 canoe trips up north. With the grant he just received, Canoe North Adventure of Hockley Valley looks to stick around for the years to come.

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