Hockley Valley Brewery Blends New Beer

Avid beer drinkers will be delighted to know that Hockley Valley Brewing, which is based in Orangeville, Ontario, is busy brewing its latest beer called Hockley Black & Tan, which representatives from the company say will be out on stores this summer

If that sounds like too much of a long wait, why not chill for the meantime and read more about the beer?

Hockley Black & Tan is a mix of the existing Hockley Stout, which makes up the “Black”, while new concocted ale will serve as the “Tan”. Hockley Black & Tan is a beer with a dark mahogany color, with hints of smoke, coffee, as well as chocolate, and small touches of sweet malt. The brewery described its new creation as a light and crisp beer perfect for all occasions.

And like all beers from Hockley Valley, expect to see Hockley Black & Tan will in can form.

Hockley Valley Brewing is a company dedicated to brewing beer to nothing short of perfection. Each step of their brewing process is done by hand – from beginning to end in small batches. The popular brewery also describes itself as a company that blends beers infused “The Perfect Balance”.

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